A once in a life time experience

On The Great Wall of China

with true specialist guides

Come join us and stay at our century-old Courtyard in the gem of south china at – The Yangshuo Mountain Escape
Enjoy all the beauty of the unique Karste landscape whilst Cycling, taking a Bamboo raft, Rock Climbing and more…

Great Wall Hiking Specialists

 Offering a variety of  of Hiking, Trekking, Walking and Camping on the Great Wall around Beijing since 2009.

As a leader on the market, we focus on hiking tours on the Great Wall only, which encourages us to polish our itinerary and improve our service constantly. Our trips have all been carefully researched and examined before being launched by our hiking guides team. We are a ground service operator, not just a wholesaler, middleman or travel agency who has no control of cost and quality of service. We keep our tours small and pay close attention to our service and quality. We believe in “small is beautiful”. Our trips have proven to be very popular among more than 6000 travelers in the past 6 years. We’re No. 1 among Great Wall Tour providers in Beijing.


Proud winners of the TripAdvisor 

“Certificate of Excellence

for 5 consecutive years 2012 – 2016

Escape the Crowds

The world-famous Badaling section is EXTREMELY busy all year round. We do not hike busy sections of the Wall!

We mainly hike on wild, remote, original, less-visited and safe sections of the Wall. The main sections covers Jinshanling, Simatai West, Jiankou, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Huangyaguan etc. You will have chance to walk on world cultural heritage, try local home-made food, communicate with local farmers, enjoy the rural scenery and learn of the locals daily lives.

Safety is also our priority and we try to keep the balance between experience and safety, making sure you’re always in safe hands.

Your  Guides

Great Wall Hiking Team - Peter

Peter Cao

Great Wall Hiking Team - Cheney

Cheney Wu


Robert Luo

Great Wall Hiking Team - Tao


Great Wall Hiking Team - Danny


Great Wall Hiking Team - Yanxin


Professional hiking guides team

There are 6 professional hiking guides in our team. All our hiking guides are carefully selected, well trained and well paid, and you will be able to enjoy a friendly and genuine relationship with our guides.

They all have a minimum of 3 years’ experience of guiding people on the Great Wall. Three of them spend 200 days a year on the Wall. They provide a full escort for clients from the beginning to the end of the hiking on the Wall.  All our guides speak fluent English, and will be happy to answer your questions, organize meals, check your guesthouses, accommodate your requirements and help with any other special needs you may have.

We respect and appreciate all the hard work our guides do, It’s not easy to be a hiking guide for all four seasons on the Great Wall (35 Celsius in summer and -20 Celsius in winter). They are the core assets of our business. 


Quality western service 

Our team had been engaged in travel industry for 14 years. We know western travellers very well. We have a detailed policy for accommodation, meals, snacks, water, vehicles, guides, drivers etc. We contract accommodations, car rental companies and other related parties directly. We prepare cold water in summer, hot coffee in winter, ponchos in rain and trekking poles.

All you need is just a will to conquer the Wall. Our feedback collection also help us improve our service regularly


Non-Commissioned shopping policy

We’ve been employing strict non-commissioned shopping policy in all our operations since establishment.

We have zero tolerance for any kind of commissioned shopping stops.

We firmly believe that clients should spend their valuable time on the Wall instead of  in commissioned shopping stops. 

A place to reflect after your Journey

Continuing our promotion of Chinese tradition’s and Ways of life we are proud to present the Mountain Escape in Yangshuo, Guilin

Lovingly renovated by Great wall Hiking Founder Gary, This beautiful boutique hotel acts as both a preservation project and great place to stay after your adventures on the Great Wall.

Take the opportunity to see and relax among some of Southern Chinas finest scenery

To find out more about the Mountain Escape and your chance ot stay follow the link below

Mountain Escape Hotel

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